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// Create new payment
$response = $api->Payment(array(
	'AutoDeposit' => 'true',
	'Payment' => array(
		'Mode' => 4
	'Order' => array(
		'ID' => 'product_id_' . microtime(),
		'Amount' => 100,
		'Currency' => 'EUR',
		'Description' => 'Test transaction'
	'Card' => array(
		'Number' =>'5186001300001016',
		'Name' => 'test',
		'Expiry' => '3012',
		'CSC' => '999'
	'RemoteAddress' => '' // Cardholder IP address

echo "Created new payment:" . $response->asXML() . PHP_EOL;

// Get payments status
$status = $api->GetPayment(array(
	'Payment' => array(
		'ID' => $response->Payment->ID

echo "Got status by payments id:" . $status->asXML() . PHP_EOL;


curl -v -X POST https://demo.ipsp.lv/api/v3/soap \
-H 'Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8' \
-H 'SOAPAction: urn:GetPayment' \
-d '


// Create new payment
var response = api.Payment(new DataType() {{
	PaymentType payment = new PaymentType() {{

	OrderType order = new OrderType() {{
		setID("product_id_" + new Date().getTime());
		setDescription("Test transaction");

	CardType card = new CardType() {{
		setName("Lorem Ipsum");


	setRemoteAddress(""); // Cardholder IP address

System.out.println("Created new payment:" + response);

// Get payments status
var status = api.GetPayment(new DataType() {{
	setPayment(new PaymentType() {{
System.out.println("Got status by payments id:" + status);


# Create new payment
response = api.Payment({
	'AutoDeposit': True,
	'Payment': {
		'Mode': 4
	'Order': {
		'ID': 'product_id_' + str(time.time()),
		'Amount': 100,
		'Currency': 'EUR',
		'Description': 'Test transaction'
	'Card': {
		'Number': '5186001300001016',
		'Name': 'test',
		'Expiry': '3012',
		'CSC': '999'
	'RemoteAddress': ''  # Cardholder IP address

print("Created new payment:", response)

# Get payments status
status = api.GetPayment({
	'Payment': {
		'ID': response['data']['Payment']['ID']
print("Got status by payments id:", status)


// Create new payment
let request = {
    AutoDeposit: true,
    Payment: {
        Mode: 4
    Order: {
        ID: 'product_id_' + new Date().getTime(),
        Amount: 100,
        Currency: 'EUR',
        Description: 'Test transaction'
    Card: {
        Number: '5186001300001016',
        Name: 'test',
        Expiry: '3012',
        CSC: '999'
    RemoteAddress: '' //Cardholder IP address

api.Payment(request, (response) => {
	console.log('Created new payment:', response);

            Payment: {
                ID: response.data.Payment.ID
		(status) => {
            console.log('Got status by payments id:', status);

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Launch, manage, scale and sell your product with licensed banking infrastructure

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Principal members
of VISA & MasterCard

Cooperation directly with Visa and Mastercard allows our clients to be more flexible in payment operations

Easy-to-use API

Easily connect and manage. Stay informed about any changes in the system through Webhook notifications

Driven by
a talented team

You'll work with technical support and managers who know everything about your task and genuinely want to support you

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Help FinTech
companies enjoy
working with a bank

in collaboration

When people think about cooperating with a bank, they feel a series of hurdles — from onboarding to service provision.

But you can't build something big with this approach. Great products develop through true collaboration.

That's why we are building a new bank that helps businesses use our licensed banking infrastructure and have a better collaborative experience.

Great products are developed

in a great collaboration

Magnetiq Bank has provided reliable solutions for the full spectra of financial services used for crowdfunding and evolved very fast in banking technology. We are happy to have them as our Banking Partners and believe in mutually beneficial cooperation based on the new generation's technologies.

Magnetiq Bank e-commerce solutions enabled DiscoverCarHire.com to launch quickly and service customers around the world. For many years now, the convenience and reliability of our platform operated by the professional team at Magnetiq Bank have enabled us to develop our business and compete internationally.

Magnetiq Bank provides all the necessary tools and payment solutions for a specific configuration, even for the most demanding client. All issues and wishes are resolved just in time. Bank's payment instruments provide high conversion rates – 10% higher on average than other companies can offer.

Thank you for efficient and flexible solutions! Magnetiq Bank provided us safeguarding account, thus ensuring to keep our client's funds separately and comply with all safeguarding requirements. Soon with the Bank's support, we will launch the solution required by our clients - Addressable BIC in SEPA.

Our business is built on online sales, so we need a reliable financial associate with a comprehensive toolset for e-commerce and payment processing. We are grateful to Magnetiq Bank for their operational efficiency and precision in their work, as well as for the innovative thinking with which you overcome challenges.


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